Tailor-made finish contractors

“Precision or nothing”

Perfection is in the details.  When it comes down to your custom project, you expect the best and nothing less.  With our detail oriented team, you can rest assured things will be not only done right but to the perfection you desire.

Specializing in high end, custom finishings, Tailor-made can make your dream project a reality.  With our diverse team of designers & installers, you can rest assured your project will be worry free.

Contact us today to find a trusted Tailor-made contractor in your area for your custom project!  We’ll design, price, and install  your next project, leaving the only thing for you to do is pick up the phone.

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Our team

Our family of professionals have many goals in mind for your project, but strive for one in particular: PERFECTION.

Equipped with the guidelines of our company's foundation, all of our contractors are independent owners of their own service areas and equipment. Because of this, your experience and quality of workmanship with each professional will be personally tailored to you.

From design to conception - see how one of our professional can bring your dreams to reality.

Our Services

Kitchen & Dining

The centerpiece of your home, make it count with a beautiful makeover that’s sure to catch your guests attention.

Master Suites

Wake up to the bueaty of a new bath that you’ll never want to leave.

Family Rooms & Man Caves

Create that space you crave for those football games or just whenever you have guests over.


Set the right impression by creating the business space reflecting your passion.